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I’m a young Michiganian lad of twenty with heavy interests in various forms of art and science. I am especially enthusiastic about combining the two in ways that’ll make people think–or at least smile 🙂

I love to make things myself, but I like seeing other people’s work at least as much. This is typically done by watching ’em on TV, but you know…

Despite my many crazy passions, I’m pretty darn laid back. I always leave time to relax, and I don’t believe I’ve ever been accused of taking anything too seriously.

I consider myself open-minded to just about everything, though I do have a couple standards that I follow pretty strictly. The thing is, they’re my standards and, thus, I don’t expect anyone else to follow them. There are some things that I certainly wish would catch on (peace, for instance), but outside of physics, force is rarely the answer.

I also try to be as humble as possible, though it can be pretty hard when you’re as wonderful as me! That was a joke, of course–something I do with a bit of frequency. I really do try to be modest though, often to the point of self-deprecation. In fact, it kills me to have a blog at all–let alone one dedicated to almost solely to my own stuff! As difficult as it is for me to imagine, however, people do seem to like my work. Putting my pride (or lack thereof) aside and sharing something that makes people happy seems like the right thing to do…

Anyway, about the blog. As you’ll see, the primary focus is on the things I build and make. Up until now all the pictures, videos, and descriptions of my projects were strewn all over the web, which was rather bothersome for all involved. Now when people ask what exactly it is that I do all day, I can answer with a single URL!

My current residence is terribly far away from many of my friends, and all of my family. As a result, there will also be occasional posts about the non-technical things I’m involved in. The last thing the Web needs is more detailed accounts of how some random person’s lunch-break went, so I’ll do my best to keep things general and, above all, interesting to everyone. In fact, I hereby promise that I will never post about (as a wise friend so eloquently said) “what I had for breakfast or found between my toes”.

Also, since many of the things I make are sort of “fantasy objects” (my computer doesn’t really run on steam, for instance), the descriptions of many of them will be split into two sections: “real” and “imaginary”. “Real” will tell you what various parts actually are, what they do, and how I made them. “Imaginary”, on the other hand, tells you how my addled brain thinks it would work if it really were what it looked like. I suppose that’s all pretty obvious though, eh?

Well, I hope you enjoy my little section of the Net. I love hearing what people have to say about my work (especially criticism), so comment liberally! Thanks for stopping by!

Published on January 22, 2007 at 10:19 pm  Comments (14)  

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  1. Hi Kkeeed, Great site and I wish I had time to linger. I will return! Peace and Love, with much respect, Mahareeshi Huckster, Spiritual advisor to the Legendary Greasytones band.

  2. ^^^ My Dad, ladies and gentlemen! Hehe, thanks Mon!

  3. Very cool site, Jakester! Keep those wonderfully beautiful and creative ideas coming. Their ingenuity warms my heart as I used to warm my hands over the glow of the vacuum tubes in Toby Kuta’s Ampeg guitar amplifier. And your dad truly is a Spiritual Advisor.
    Dave “Da Bush” Gorden
    The Legendary Greasytones Band

  4. I really like some of your work and am fascinated by the steampunk art form. My site is getting it to where I would like it slowly, but I will have some items on there one day… Keep up the good work and I will check up now and then! Enjoy.

    Josh Whitecat
    Artist and Technician

  5. Excellent source of inspiration to us far flung punks of steam! I only hope my meagre contribution from the far flung colonies will be as successful

  6. Inspiring stuff – you give hope and fuel dreams in the far flung steampunk building community

  7. Bravo ! Longue vie à ton blog. ♣

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  9. […] Steampunk PC Ladies and gents, the evil genius Jake of all Trades has done it again. Unveiling his plans for total world domination, he has contrived a monsterfully […]

  10. I’m in need of an expert craftsman for the creation of three of my inventions, I think you might be interested. I can pay, I’d insist on my participation, and you haven’t seen anything like them, I promise that.

  11. hiya jake.
    i love the gamer pc case mod… very cool stuff. attention to detail and respect for the genre, kudos for that!
    anyway, i am noodling an idea for some sort of publication and would love your feedback.
    where in michigan do you reside? i am in ohio (a mere few hundred miles away…) and would like to talk more in-depth about steampunk/handiwork/kinetic sculpture/etc…
    sorry to be so vague, but i think the idea could be really exciting and i want to be a part of the excitement (in a non-takeovertheworld sort of way…) feel free to email me if you want any more detail to my cryptic message.


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  13. Hello, I will be making a series of posts about Steampunk on my blog soon, and I really want to feature you as a Steampunk creator (:

    Brilly wicked blog too ^^

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