Levitating LEGO Lamp

Hey! Something that’s not steampunk!


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Steampunk Belt Buckle Ver. 1.0

My day-to-day wardrobe was in serious need of something steampunk…

I am, once again, breaking away from my own format by not writing a background story. This piece is not meant to emulate anything; real or imaginary. Instead, it is really just pure aesthetics and fashion…


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Tick Tock: A Steampunk Clock

Click the Pic!

There’s not a lot to this one, as I really didn’t do much to it. Sorry, no crazy back-story this time 😦

The real story and a quick video after the jump:


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The Telecalculograph

For my very first post, it seems appropriate to talk about the device on which i’m creating it: The Telecalculograph. This is also a good example of my work and will work nicely to set the mood for this blog.

Click the picture to see the whole album 🙂


Though little is known about this odd-looking contraption, experts agree that the creation of the Telecalculograph marks a truly revolutionary achievement. High-ranked men in the fields of Mechanation, Mathematics, the Vital Sciences, and even Spiritualism have all shown marked interest in this most queer device. It can be thusly concluded that the Telecalculograph operates on such principles, however such details are being kept shrouded in the strictest manner possible. As one would expect in a situation where facts are scarce, rumors do abound. It has been stated by several anonymous persons that the bizarre, eerily-illuminated tube that festoons the machine’s facade contains something of a Magical, rather than Chemical, nature. Two well educated men of good repute have even go so far as to claim that it houses the incorporeal spirit of a deceased idiot savant! As ghastly and unbelievable as these speculations are, no explanations exist as to how a device ruled by Traditional Science could perform the tasks the Telecalculograph does with seeming ease.


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