First, a word from our sponsors…

OK, not really  “sponsors”–more like a sweet company that is letting me play with a toy in exchange for writing about it…

But ANYWAY:  this site has been silent for much too long, and for that I apologize!  Later today there will be a new post regarding an old project and something to look forward to in the near future from friend of the show blog, Wild Planet.  After that, I aim to resume semi-regular postings of projects and the like.  I have a pretty sizable back-log of creations, so there will be no shortage of things to share with you fine folks!

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I haven’t posted anything in a rather long time, so I thought I’d take a minute to brag about share with you a couple bits of popular media in which I’ve been mentioned recently.  First up, is {this} lovely article penned by the talented Mr. Morgan.  Unfortunately the New York Times, for which the piece was originally written, bumped it at the last minute in favor of a more fashion-centered Steampunk story.  Disappointing, but I consider my inclusion in this article to be an unspeakably great honor regardless, and it is definitely rather high on my list of proudest accomplishments (especially since I got more ink than that fiend {von Slatt} (artist’s rendering) for once!  Ha!).

Last but not least, we have the just-published {cover story} in the IEEE’s flagship publication, Spectrum.  Though {von Slatt} (file photo) gets his usual overabundance of attention, my televisor and I get a much appreciated mention on {page two}, as well as a wonderful little write-up on {page 8} of their accompanying slide show.  I’ve been a member of the local IEEE branch here at MTU for three years now, so it means a lot to be recognized in their magazine!

In other news, I do have some new contraptions to share so keep an eye on this site for updates over the next few weeks.

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The Man Who Loved

::Sigh:: you’re all going to know what I look like now*…

In June of 2007, coworker and good friend of mine, one Mr. Tom Russell, approached me with an opportunity to act in he and his wife’s newest film. (more…)

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The Bug: Steampunk Computer Mouse

The Telecalculograph finally has a suitable mouse!


Though the eccentric Professor William C. Ravenscroft remains stingy on details of his “Telecalculograph“, he has recently allowed photography of the device with which its user controls it. These images, as well as speculation upon their contents follows:


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