The Star Amateur Electrician: Scans of a Wonderful Book


This is, incidentally, exactly how I dress when I tinker…

Click here to read the whole book!

I found this little soft-covered gem in my aunt’s library.  I immediately fell head-over-heels, and asked permission to borrow it.  Consent was granted, and i quickly scampered home and got to scanning.  I think everything is in the correct order, but please let me know if it’s not!

If you want to print it, read it off-line, etc, you can download a ZIP file containing all the higher-res scans here. Be forewarned, however, that it is rather large (25MB).

The copyright (and the publisher) is long gone, so you needn’t worry about any such things. I do, however, highly suggest purchasing a copy of this book if-and-when you come across it! There’s a certain unreproducible quality about an antique tome such as this…

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  1. Beautiful. There’s just something about that Victorian style of typography that’s definitely missing these days. Curse them with their sanserif, easily read, websafe fonts!

  2. Curse them indeed! School would be so much more interesting if textbooks were printed like this…

  3. Personally, I prefer a pinafore.

  4. Just got one. 66 pages Copyright W.D. Boyce Co. – no date. On cover – Published by Johnson Smith & Co., Detroit, Mich.

    • I Have One
      Do You Know How Much They Are Worth ?

  5. Could you re-post the high-res scans? I’m incredibly interested in getting the high-quality images, but, unfortunately, the filehost seems to have gone defunct . . .

  6. I second Keith’s request with great vigor! It would be great to take a closer look in a more transportable format. BTW, your site is absolutely spectacular, sir!

  7. […] Flickr, etcetera, would you kindly email copies back to me? This includes the high-res version of this, as the admittedly-sketchy hosting service I used seems to have sketched right out of […]

  8. I too would like to request the high-res scans file, should it ever become available again and yes, I agree, your site is a wonder!

  9. I love the victorian style, Amazing.

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