Functional Tricorder, Part 1


I’ve started working on something that is somewhere in the intersection of “sci-fi prop replica” and “useful tool”:
a functional tricorder from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Introductory details and a video below.


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It has indeed been a while…

Real posts and even possibly a site redesign or replacement are coming soon (for real!), but for now I’m just posting a quick and LONG overdue link to my biggest, proudest creation: The Telecalculograph Mk. II.  Again, a full write-up on that project is coming soon, as well as details on my other recent projects.  Take a peek at my Flickr account in the mean time, if you’re interested!

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Heck yeah.

Before I get to that sweet little ‘bot pictured above, I need to clear something up.  I (and the folks at Wild Planet, apparently) continue to receive questions from people regarding the availability of those replacement headsets I wrote about in this previous post.  Unfortunately, they are most certainly not available anymore.  In fact, they sold out pretty soon after that post hit the ‘net, and they’re doubly unavailable now because they’ve discontinued that toy entirely.  If you still really want one, check out the comments by the kindly Mr. Bobby Edwards here and here.  He’s got some similar devices for sale, as well as some related pieces of awesomeness.

Now that that’s all taken care of, kindly proceed past the “more” link below to hear about something truly exciting!


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A Warning and a Plea

This is NOT actually my hard drive*

Well, dear friends, it seems as though I have fallen victim to an incurably failed hard-drive… (more…)

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$25 Head-Mounted Display


So it’s 2007: shouldn’t there be more cyborgs? Well, for a mere $25.00 (or less), you can be one big step closer to being one yourself. How so, you ask? Click the following link to to find out! (more…)

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Source for the Mysterious Pen Found!


This photo is sort of troubling. Who is this “Craig” that this small child is writing to? Where is he supposed to be taking her?


Possible kidnapping aside, the industrious Flickr member “Allwell.geo” has succeeded where I have failed: finding a source for the pen I used in the Victorio-Nixie Tube. It’s not quite as cheep as I’d like, but hey–better than nothin’, eh? Anyway, click on the above picture to be whisked away to said cyber-store.

Want something cheaper? Well, let me direct your attention to my most favorite catalog in the whole wide world: American Science and Surplus. Among their vast plethora of geekish goodies, they have this. It won’t be much good for an exact replica, but what fun would that be anyway?

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The Star Amateur Electrician: Scans of a Wonderful Book


This is, incidentally, exactly how I dress when I tinker…

Click here to read the whole book!


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R/C Tank De-Weaponization

Climbing over dangerous terrain! Ok, it’s a USB card…

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The VictorioNixie Tube

Electro-chemical and electro-mechanical apparatus for the display of illuminated messages”


This device was invented, designed, and built by the eccentric and reclusive Dr. Charles D. Ronalli in the late eight-teen hundreds. Click on the following links to see Dr. Ronalli’s original patent drawings and descriptions!

Victorio-Nixie Patent Diagrams

Victorio-Nixie Patent Description

Victorio-Nixie Patent Description (alternate download location)

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Hey everybody, welcome to my blog!

I highly suggest reading the “About” section to get a good idea of who i am and what this thing is all about.


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