Source for the Mysterious Pen Found!


This photo is sort of troubling. Who is this “Craig” that this small child is writing to? Where is he supposed to be taking her?


Possible kidnapping aside, the industrious Flickr member “Allwell.geo” has succeeded where I have failed: finding a source for the pen I used in the Victorio-Nixie Tube. It’s not quite as cheep as I’d like, but hey–better than nothin’, eh? Anyway, click on the above picture to be whisked away to said cyber-store.

Want something cheaper? Well, let me direct your attention to my most favorite catalog in the whole wide world: American Science and Surplus. Among their vast plethora of geekish goodies, they have this. It won’t be much good for an exact replica, but what fun would that be anyway?

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  1. Well obviously Craig is her dealer.

    • Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good infaromtion.

  2. The price of $19.95 plus shipping, is for a set of THREE of these amusing little pens. So the price isn’t really that much more than you paid. Except you have to get three, instead of two like you did. Which is good. Because some of us may destroy one just disassembling it. We love victorionixie. Great proooject. Any chance of a wiring diagram so we can fool with bubble lights in brass toobs? Also, you should consider neon flicker light bulbs.Nice work. -ricardo furioso

  3. Thanks, Mr. Furioso! Yes, $6.70 isn’t much more, but that doesn’t include shipping and such…

  4. That pen looks really cool. Thanks for the Shop links. Great stuff. Another nice place to check out spiffy toys is

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